Christine Forrest Romero Dawn of the Dead 40th Anniversary in Monroeville Mall JUNE 8-10 2018

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Today’s guest announcement is a BIG ONE. She is one of the most requested guests EVER and she has pretty much never attended a show as a guest of honor. She is Christine Forrest Romero and we are proud to have her attending the event for all three days of the weekend.

You may remember her acting work as Christina in MARTIN, or as Angie in KNIGHTRIDERS, or even as the nasty nurse Maryanne Hodges in MONKEY SHINES. She had memorable bit parts in DAWN OF THE DEAD as the frustrated TV producer, or you may know her from CREEPSHOW where she appeared in the faculty party scene of “The Crate” segment. She also had bit parts in TWO EVIL EYES, THE DARK HALF, and BRUISER. On top of her onscreen work, she can be heard in DAWN OF THE DEAD as the voice of the mall announcement: “ATTENTION ALL SHOPPERS. If you have a sweet tooth we have a special treat for you. If your purchases in the next half hour amount to five dollars or more, we’ll give you a bag of hard candies free!”

Not only did she act, but she also worked in many different capacities on all of George Romero’s earliest films, ranging from Assistant Director, Associate Producer, and even as Casting Director.

We all know that behind every great man is a great woman, a woman holding things together for that man on a


personal level, that woman was Christine Romero. She stood by George at his side through the writing and creation of some of your favorite films and surely helped make them possible in so many ways. Her importance in the career of George Romero cannot be measured. We are extremely excited to have her as a guest. Please give a warm welcome to Christine Romero.


It’s DAWN OF THE DEAD’s 40th Anniversary.
The Living Dead Weekend: Monroeville June 8-10 2018.
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