COVID Protocol for Living Dead Weekend Events

COVID Protocols for LDW: This is the latest up-to-date plan and procedure we are implementing for LDW.

We are in constant review of the state and local regulations as well as the CDC guidelines and our venue's rules.

Keep in mind that our primary goal is to keep our customers, our celebrity guests, vendors and our staff, healthy and safe. Our secondary goal is to keep the event on track so everyone can participate and have a good time.

We understand that many attendees will be fully vaccinated and also some will not be. We are encouraging attendees to get vaccinated before the event. We do understand that there are a small number of people that cannot be safety vaccinated because of various medical issues.

Thus our procedure takes everyone into consideration.

Taking in all of this information, we ARE requiring the use of face masks inside the individual storefronts that we have leased for the event.

We ARE NOT requiring fully vaccinated people to wear masks when in the common area of the mall, which is in line with the mall's current overall policy.

Our venue is made up of 4 storefronts plus all of the common mall area and courtyard between them. The celebrities and vendors will be inside the storefronts and the stage and panels are in the common court area of the mall.

This will allow vaccinated people to remove their masks when moving through the mall and attending panels and such if they choose. Masks will be required upon each entry to the storefronts.

Unvaccinated people are still required to wear masks based on the honor system at all aspects of the event.

Mall Tours: We are requiring masks be wore by everyone on the tours. The tours move through many small corridors at various places. We may break some of the daily tours into smaller scheduled tours to help keep some distancing.

Currently the plan is to use masks and attempt to keep the tours intact.

VIP Party: We are relocating the VIP Party to an area of the mall that is half outdoors and half indoors.

Fans of DAWN OF THE DEAD will know this area as the "Biker Raider Doors" and hallway. This allows for eating and drinking in an outdoor environment. This area has an overhang roof and patio plus the indoor hallway itself.

And even better, we are making it a "FORTH OF JULY" themed cookout! (or RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD Day for those you prefer to celebrate the July 3rd, 1984 outbreak in Louisville.) More details to follow on this.

Please be kind and respect everyone in attendance.

Looking out for each other is the best way to ensure that we will host events like this in the future.

We will update this info if anything changes. Thank you.