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Please give a big welcome to a very special guest – Mr Gary Streiner. Gary was one of the original ten members of Image Ten. He can be seen in the movie as one of the posse members that dragged the bodies of the dead ghouls to the bonfire, Gary also worked behind the scenes as the sound engineer on Night. Recently Gary was the driving force behind FIX THE CHAPEL, raising the money to restore the Evans City Cemetery chapel seen in the opening scenes of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Gary created the LIVING DEAD FESTIVAL, he was the man who made us a family and brought us all together all of these years later in Evans City. Without Gary and the Festival, we would not have the LIVING DEAD WEEKEND as we know it.

Gary is also responsible for bringing back Night of the Living Dead in it’s restored new format which will be screened as part of the 50th anniversary, This RED CARPET event will include a live stage performance by the cast and crew, taking place at the Byham Theater on Saturday October 6th in Pittsburgh.
Gary will be very busy getting ready for the Byham event, and join us in Evans City on Sunday only.

The Living Dead Weekend: Evans City, PA. October 5-7 2018

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