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We are very pleased to announce Marilyn Eastman to our Living Dead Weekend guest line-up. Marilyn played the part of Helen Cooper in Night of the Living Dead, but also had a role as the Bug Eating Lady Ghoul! Marilyn also worked behind the scenes, applying make-up to other ghouls and Bosco chocolate syrup to Karl Hardman (Harry Cooper) for his Ghoul scene! Marilyn and Karl were partners in Hardman associates a production company that had worked with The Latent Image on many TV commercials. In 1967 the two companies joined forces to create a third company…Image Ten, inc and produce NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.

Marilyn did recently have a fall, but is feeling well enough to attend , so far Marilyn will be at the Byham Theater on Saturday October 6th for the 50th Anniversary Red Carpet Celebration of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, and she would very much like to come up to Evans City if all goes well Marilyn will meet the fans and sign autographs on Sunday ONLY.

The Living Dead Weekend: Evans City, PA. October 5-7 2018

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The Living Dead Weekend: Evans City, PA. October 5-7 2018

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