Announcing our first guest Mr. Ken Foree for the Dawn of the Dead 40th Anniversary Reunion JUNE 8-10 2018

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We kick off our huge 40 guest announcement with the one and only, Mr. Ken Foree! Ken will be there all three days to meet fans. We will also be featuring Ken in our Mall panels on stage and in our one-of-a-kind Pro Celebrity Location Photo Ops. What can we say about Ken, the star of many films, always a supporter of our museum and mall events. Ken also starred in The Devil’s Rejects, starring opposite Sid Haig and Bill Moseley, He also had roles in the films The Dentist (1996), From Beyond (1986) and Knightriders (1981). Recently Ken starred and produced a movie The Midnight Man. Ken loves to meet talk with the fans, so please give a big welcome to Ken Foree.


Ken Foree has starred, executive produced, co-produced and has been associate producer for dozens of films. He has appeared in over 50 feature films and episodic television shows and was named Number 4 in Empire Magazine’s Greatest Heroes list for 2014. His role as Peter Washington in “Dawn of the Dead” initiated a long and iconic career in the horror genre. His line “When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth” has become an anthem in the horror genre for decades. Mr. Foree’s work in the horror genre includes, such hits as “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: III”, Rob Zombie’s “The Devils Rejects”, “Lords of Salem” and the franchise “Halloween”. His sci-fi roles can be seen in “Babylon 5”, “Command Five”, the episodic “X-Files” and others. Mr. Foree has been kept busy producing international horror and sci-fi movies. He is executive producer and co-writer of the upcoming feature, “The Totem”, associate producer and star in the 2009 Serbian horror movie “Apocalypse of the Dead” and is producer/co-writer/star on the 2018 sequel, “Wrath of the Dead”. Ken starred and co-produced 2018s releases of “The Rift”, “The Midnight Man” and “Blood Brothers” featured in Entertainment Weekly. He also starred in the hit Nickelodeon comedy series, “The Keenan and Kel Show” as the father of Keenan Thompson and is valued for his voice over for animation such as “Grand Theft Auto”.

From Japan to Europe and throughout the United States, when attending film festivals, audiences enjoy the Q & A’s, backstage stories, lectures and interaction with this legendary actor.

Mr. Foree has proven to be a force in the entertainment industry and a perennial favorite to fans around the world.


“The Rift”

U.S. satellite crashes in a remote area of eastern Serbia and a group of American and Serbian agents races to recover the data from it. What they find when they arrive, however, are unimaginable horrors that include a mysterious rift in time and space as well as an unseen malevolent presence. Now the team must fight for both their lives and their sanity as they struggle to escape.

Being a longtime George Romero Dead series fan, I became aware of Ken Foree’s skill at playing the gritted teeth, muscular hero with his cult status cementing turn as Peter in the original Dawn of the Dead. There was a sense of cool and humanity you see in his façade even as he’s mowing down zombies. Foree, in a sense, was the Samuel L. Jackson of B horror before there was ever a Samuel L. Jackson.

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Ken Foree, as the stylish wit Hamilton, is genius; he anchors the entire production with his skilled talents, on-screen charisma, and endless, casual zingers. BLOOD BROTHERS

One way the movie threads the right needle between dire stakes and dark humor is with an outstanding Ken Foree supporting performance as a gumshoe with ESP to match his hard-boiled instincts. Relishing quirky lines such as, “like cinnamon and Jesus had a baby!” to praise good coffee, Foree preens like a Cheshire cat calmly taking its time before pouncing on a trapped rat. Foree eats up every inch of the screen, repeatedly dunking his character into a tub of personality, and swallowing scenes in single gulps before digesting them just as fast.”









100 Greatest Movie Performances- #43 Ken Foree – Amazingly strong, cool and funny performance, you’re in for a treat.”

To quote a review from Movies Online, “The movie stars Ken Foree, who is not only talented but one of the coolest people I have met. Loves his fans!”

Simply put, Ken Foree is the complete package.

“Ken Foree gives his character a hard edge but still keeps him vulnerable – a truly stand out performance.”

“Most notable is the phenomenal Ken Foree who chomps up every frame in which he appears.”

“Ken Foree explodes across the screen and always the guy you want on your side.”

The Living Dead Weekend Dawn of the Dead 40th Anniversary in the Monroeville Mall June 8-10 2018

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