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CAROL WAYNE Guest at Living Dead Weekend Evans City in September Nude Cadaver first appearance Night of the Living Dead

SpookyDazGuest Evans City

OK, time for a very special guest announcement. After many years of searching we are happy to welcome CAROL WAYNE to the Living Dead Weekend. Carol played the nude cadaver, who by way of a morgue tag on her wrist reading “Carole Smythe,” is the only ghoul to be identified by name in Night of the Living Dead. Carol also portrays the ghoul in the evening gown during the feasting scene following the truck explosion. Carol’s Cadaver image can also be seen on the Night of the Living Dead one sheet movie poster. The Living Dead Weekend will be her first appearance anywhere, so don’t miss your chance to meet Carol for this rare appearance.

Join Carol Wayne at The Living Dead Weekend: Evans City – September 27-29 2019

Celebrating George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead and The Crazies


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