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Please give a big welcome to a very special guest – Mr Gary Streiner. Gary was one of the original ten members of Image Ten. He can be seen in the movie as one of the posse members that dragged the bodies of the dead ghouls to the bonfire, Gary also worked behind the scenes as the sound engineer on Night. Recently

Introducing our next guest, Please welcome Charles Craig. Charles was the Night of the Living Dead radio and TV broadcaster who reported to us that “The unburied dead are coming back to life, and seeking human victims” . Charles also played a Ghoul in the movie, feasting on entrails and was featured on the USA Night of the Living Dead movie poster. Charles will be busy getting ready for the Byham Theater event, and for this reason wont be joining us in Evans City. Charles will be taking part in the 50th Anniversary red carpet event at the Byham Theater in Pittsburgh on Saturday October 6th, anybody attending will be able to meet Charles there.

The Living Dead Weekend: Evans City, PA. October 5-7 2018

Night of the Living Dead 50th Anniversary Red Carpet Event at the Byham Theater formerly the Fulton in Downtown Pittsburgh. Saturday October 6th.

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