Christopher Dean Sullivan Dawn of the Dead 40th Anniversary in Monroeville Mall JUNE 8-10 2018

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We are happy to announce Christopher Dean Sullivan to our Monroeville guest list. Here is a a great bit of info from Christopher about how he got to play his  zombie part in Dawn of the Dead. –

I’m a musician by trade, however, I had been wanting to do something in movies. I became interested in the casting call for Dawn of the Dead. When I walked in, there was a particular place, for all that would be involved, had to wait. While waiting I was getting my hair braided. Someone came up to me, a lady, and asked would I be willing to be shot in the head, as a zombie of course. I asked “would that mean that I would be done?”

The answer, of course, would be lodged in the question. Then I asked, “Is there another part I could do? The person then asked would I be willing to be punched in the face and fall down. Well,… I thought, that would at least keep me in the movie a little longer. There is a scene where Ken Foree and Scott Reiniger is running through zombies, and Ken punches me in the face, acting of course. I believe the interest of me being picked was due to my hair getting braided while I was waiting, or maybe I was looking kind of dead, or I could’ve had the look that I needed to be punched in the face…anyways,… Either way, I’m glad the opportunity of being in a George Andrew Romero film was exciting, and a memorable privilege to be in such a cult classic.

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It’s DAWN OF THE DEAD’s 40th Anniversary.
The Living Dead Weekend: Monroeville June 8-10 2018.



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