COVID Protocol for Living Dead Weekend Events


We are in constant review of the state and local regulations as well as the CDC guidelines and our venue's rules.

Keep in mind that our primary goal is to keep our customers, our celebrity guests, vendors and our staff, healthy and safe. Our secondary goal is to keep the event on track so everyone can participate and have a good time.

Pennsylvania's mask order will be lifted on June 28 according to the state Department of Health.

Those who have not yet been vaccinated or are partially vaccinated are still encouraged by the department to wear a mask in public​ Following suit with these new guidelines, we are modifying our show policy to allow fully vaccinated people to no longer be required to wear a mask at all locations at the event.

We do still encourage non-vaccinated people to mask up to protect themselves and others who may not be able to be vaccinated. Please be courteous and considerate of others as we move into this new phase in our return to normal.

Thank you and see you and your smiles again very soon.