If you plan on attending the Living Dead Weekend
Please take a moment to read
the following information

COVID and variants remain significant concerns for health safety at our event. 

We will make every effort to host an event as close to "normal" as possible. 

Many things can change leading up to the event date and we hold a priority
to ensure the safety of our attendees, staff, vendors and guests.

We reserve the right to implement various safety measures which may include
proper masking, vaccination status screening, and local and logical health guidelines and/or any combination. 

We will make every measure to hold to the scheduled date,
but if the situation requires us to postpone and reschedule the date,
we do reserve the right to do so in the interest of public health. 

In this case tickets will automatically transfer forward to a new date.

All tickets are final sale, not refundable, so please only purchase tickets in advance with this understanding. 

We will make COVID protocol updates closer to the event when we have a better idea of the current climate.

If you have concerns about any of these potential measures, please wait until closer to event date to purchase tickets.