Gary Streiner Night of the Dead Fix the Chapel Living Dead Weekend Monroeville Mall JUNE 8-10 2018

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Our next guest is one of the reasons we have The Living Dead Weekend, We are very happy to announce Mr. Gary Streiner. Gary is responsible for bringing the Living Dead Festival to Evans City in 2008, dedicated to Night of the Living Dead. In 2011 the Evans City Cemetery board of directors decided that the old Chapel seen in Night of the Living Dead was unsafe and should be to be torn down. Gary knew with the help of the fans, he could raise the $50,000 needed to repair the chapel, and so the FIX THE CHAPEL campaign was born. Each year the Festival grew and fans from around the world came to celebrate Night of the Living Dead, and enough money was raised to stop the demolition of the Chapel.

In 2014 George Romero was a guest at the Living Dead Fest, and cut the ribbon on the beautifully restored Evans City Cemetery chapel. Besides being an original member of the production team that made Night of the Living Dead, Gary is the driving force behind bringing back the film in it’s restored new format, So when Gary had to turn his attention to the the restoration project for Night, we worked together on keeping an event going and started the Living Dead Weekend. Thanks to Gary, we are proud to have been able to include some amazing Night of the Living Dead events at our Living Dead Weekend, including the 4K Restoration Night of the Living Dead Pittsburgh Premier screening last October.
Gary is a great friend to the fans and will be around all three days with a Fix the Chapel table and all the info you need about the upcoming 50th anniversary of Night of the Living Dead, so come and say hi!

The Living Dead Weekend Dawn of the Dead 40th Anniversary in the Monroeville Mall June 8-10 2018
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