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We are very happy to announce our next guest, Kyra Schon. Kyra played Karen Cooper, in NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, and as the trowel-wielding zombie kid who attacked her parents in the cellar, probably caused years of nightmares around the world. Karen Cooper’s Ghoul is probably one of the the most iconic zombies in horror movie history, and has been featured in books, magazines, Blu-Rays, clothing and posters. Kyra is also the real life daughter of Karl Hardman AKA Harry Cooper in the movie. Kyra will be at the Byham Theater in Pittsburgh on Saturday the 6th for the 50th Anniversary Red Carpet event, and will join us in Evans City for SUNDAY ONLY.
So come out to the Living Dead Weekend and say Hi! to Kyra

The Living Dead Weekend: Evans City, PA. October 5-7 2018

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