Richard France Dawn of the Dead 40th Anniversary in Monroeville JUNE 8-10 2018 Millard Rausch

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“They must be destroyed on SIGHT!” Yes, you remember these words, they were spoken by Dr. Millard Rausch in DAWN OF THE DEAD. The man who portrayed him is Richard France and he is our next special guest announcement. This gentleman has never attended an event like this and he is one of the most requested guests that the fans have been trying to meet for decades.

Mr. France is a playwright, a scholar, and a narrator. He is a leading authority on the life and work of cinema and theater great, Orson Welles and has written books on his work and lectured around the world on the work of this great man.

Mr. France will be appearing with us on behalf of The Studio School of New York City. It’s one of the top private elementary schools in the entire nation. All the proceeds from his appearance will be generously donated to their scholarship fund. His children attended this school, so he and his wife always do whatever they can to contribute to its future. Please give a warm and friendly welcome to Mr. France here and when you meet him in person.

He’ll be with us at the Living Dead Weekend this June 8-10, 2018 at the Monreoville Mall, Monroeville PA.

For more information on The Studio School:
The Studio School
117 West 95th Street New York, NY 10025
(212) 678-2416

The Living Dead Weekend Dawn of the Dead 40th Anniversary in the Monroeville Mall June 8-10 2018

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