Tom Savini Dawn of the Dead 40th Anniversary in Monroeville JUNE 8-10 2018 Horror legend

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Of course we cannot have a DAWN OF THE DEAD 40th Anniversary without the legendary practical effects man, Tom Savini himself! Tom not only designed and executed many of the special effects and stunts in “Dawn of The Dead” and “Day of the Dead”, He was the blood thirsty machete-wielding biker “Blades”. Tom also did effects and served as director of the official 1990 remake of “Night”. Tom has become a legend in the horror business with his practical fx skills and numerous film credits including acting in many film and TV series, most recently, a cast member of the series, “From Dusk Till Dawn” and will be on hand with us all weekend in the Monroeville Mall.

The Living Dead Weekend Dawn of the Dead 40th Anniversary in the Monroeville Mall June 8-10 2018

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