Tom Savini Night of the Living Dead 1990 Director Special FX effects master and Stuntman for Dawn of the Dead the king of Splatter on Day of the Dead Wizard of Gore on Creepshow and Martin joins the living dead weekend two annual reunion events in Pittsburgh, PA the Zombie Capital of the WORLD

Tom Savini SFX Master returns to The Living Dead Weekend: Monroeville Creepshow and Dawn of the Dead Zombie Horror

SpookyDaz Guest Monroeville

How do you celebrate DAWN OF THE DEAD and CREEPSHOW without Tom Savini? You don’t! Tom not only designed and executed many of the special effects and stunts in “Dawn of The Dead” and “Day of the Dead”, He was also the blood thirsty machete-wielding biker “Blades” in DAWN. Tom’s work in CREEPSHOW firmly established him as more than a master of gore but also a masterful creature creator too. Tom has become a legend in the horror business with his practical FX skills and numerous film credits including acting in many film and TV series. Tom will be on hand with us all weekend in the Monroeville Mall for Living Dead Weekend.