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    *Exhibitor will be responsible to be open during the Living Dead Weekend hours. Please do not vacate early. Your booth must be neat,
    attractive and maintained. Signage with visible and clear pricing is requested. You will be responsible for leaving your
    space clean when the festival is complete.

    *All vendor applications are subject to approval. This event is designed to promote the sale of goods in the local
    businesses in Evans City, Pa. We will not be permitted to offer goods that are similar to the local businesses’. Thank you in
    advance for your understanding.

    *The Living Dead Weekend will not be responsible for any loss/theft or damage to vendor
    property, possible injury to the vendor or vendor sales. Only accepted vendors have permission to sell their items at the
    festival. Anyone without authorization to sell will be asked to leave. By participating in this event, you agree to the Terms
    and Conditions of this disclaimer.

    The following exhibitor spaces are available

    3-day spaces are available. These spaces are 10 x 10 and are outside and will require a tent.

    Locations are not promised and will be first come first serve basis. Please check the box. (Indicate if more than one space is needed in the additional space below). Electricity hook up can be requested for an additional cost. Electricity availability may be limited to certain locations, so this is also on a first come first served basis.

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    Electricity hook up option $25

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