Apply to be a vendor/exhibitor/artist at Living Dead Weekend: Monroeville. We have a limited number of vendor spaces to offer and wish to avoid duplication of merchandise types. This is a juried dealer room with our goal to choose a balanced mix of vendors to best offer each vendor optimum success and to offer our attendees that best shopping experience. Please fill out the application with details of what you want to exhibit and/or sell and we will choose vendors that best fit our event. All merchandise must be legal and properly licensed. Vendors selling boogleg or unlicensed merchandise will be asked to leave without a refund. Exhibitors who do not adhere to the types of products that were disclosed in the application may be asked to leave without a refund. After reviewing your application we will email back with our decision and details of how to purchase your display space.

Vendors will be located inside various storefronts inside the mall and will be intermingled with our celebrity guest tables.

Living Dead Weekend: Monroeville Vendor Set-up hours:

Thursday NOON to 9:00 PM
Friday 8:00AM to 1:00 PM
Vendor sales hours begin Friday 1PM.

Details will be emailed to vendors soon.

Spaces available:

  • Monroeville 3 Day Exhibitor Vendor 6 foot space - without table (you may bring your own table) - $250
  • Monroeville 3 Day Exhibitor Vendor 6 foot space with table (table provided by us) - $300

Please select the option you would like to apply for via the link at the bottom of this page.

Types of displays and
exhibits we are looking for:

horror merchandise, movies, artists, authors, make-up, EFX, crafts, jewelry, photography, film makers, costumes.

If you are uncertain whether your goods are acceptable, please fill out the form anyway and we will let you know. Surprise us with something original and cool!