Day of the Dead Gary Klahr

In Memory of Gary Klahr 1947 – 2020 | DAY OF THE DEAD | Pvt.Steel | LIVING DEAD WEEKEND

SpookyDaz Guest Monroeville

Sadly, Gary Klahr passed away on December 31st 2020.


Gary had planned on being a guest for the second time with us at the upcoming Living Dead Weekend. A friend of the Living Dead family and fans, Gary was a positive upbeat soul and loved by everyone.

Many know him as Pvt. Steel in George Romero’s Day of the Dead but his first film role was as a cameraman in the John Ritter film HERO AT LARGE.

Or they may remember him as a penitentiary guard in A STRANGER IS WATCHING. Some may have spotted him as a longshoreman in TRADING PLACES.

The list of his roles goes on and on in such films as QUICK CHANGE, HACKERS, CADILLAC MAN, MIAMI BLUES, and even PINK CADILLAC.During the 80’s and 90’s he even appeared on TV shows such as THE EQUALIZER, SPENSER: FOR HIRE, or even on LAW AND ORDER. You could have also seen him in MARRIED TO THE MOB as “Al the Worm” or as the ticket taker in BIG with Tom Hanks.


Gary leaves behind a legacy of work in film and a lovely family, friends, and fans that adored him. To his fans that met him, he will always be remembered fondly as the nicest guy you could ever meet. He’ll always be our hero at large. May he now be at peace.