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Jarlath Conroy aka Billy McDermott in Day of the Dead Guest at Living Dead Weekend in Monroeville Mall Pittsburgh PA!

SpookyDaz Guest Monroeville

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” Jarlath Conroy aka Billy McDermott in Day of the Dead joins our guest line up for the Living Dead Weekend in Monroeville. Jarlath has had many acting roles on stage plays and TV screen including “NYPD Blue (TV Series)”, “Law & Order (TV Series)”, And was the voice of Aiden O’Malley in Grand Theft Auto IV (Video Game). You might also have spotted him in the Verizon Dead Zone commercial from 2008 where he played a spooky motel desk clerk. Jarlath will be with us in the Monroeville Mall all weekend and is looking forward to see you there. Come on, Johnny! We’re countin’ on ya to fly us to the Promised Land!

It’s the Living Dead Weekend: Monroeville

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