Horror Guest John Amplas MONROEVILLE JULY 2-4 2021 Day of the Dead Living Dead Weekend George Romero Zombie Horror Convention

John Amplas will be back in the Monroeville Mall for LIVING DEAD WEEKEND Day of the Dead Creepshow Dawn MARTIN Knightriders

SpookyDaz Guest Monroeville

Out of the frying pan into the fire! John Amplas will be back in the Monroeville Mall for our 1985 Edition of the LIVING DEAD WEEKEND. John starred as Fisher in “Day of the Dead” but also starred in many of George Romero’s other movies, “Dawn of the Dead”, “Knightriders”, Nathan Grantham’s reanimated corpse in “Creepshow”, and the lead role in “MARTIN”. John also had a role in the 1980 movie “Toxic Zombies”, where After drug crops are sprayed with a chemical, the growers of the crop are poisoned and turn into zombie-like mutants. John will be with us all weekend and is looking forward to seeing you there!