Meet Greg Nicotero: The Master of Horror Practical Effects and Creepshow’s Showrunner

Introducing Greg Nicotero: A Legend in Horror

Greg Nicotero needs no introduction. As a luminary in the world of horror, Greg has established himself as a master of practical effects, an Executive Producer on AMC’s The Walking Dead, and the Showrunner of the CREEPSHOW TV Series. But his journey into the heart of horror began with a love for classics like DAWN OF THE DEAD.

Early Days and Collaborations:

Greg’s early passion for horror led him to collaborate with icons like George A. Romero and Tom Savini on projects like DAY OF THE DEAD. It was these collaborations that set the stage for Nicotero’s remarkable career.

Formation of KNB EFX Group:

In 1988, Greg Nicotero co-founded KNB EFX Group, a special effects studio that has since become synonymous with Hollywood blockbuster releases. Through KNB, Greg has contributed to some of the most iconic and memorable moments in horror cinema.

A Fan’s Celebration of Horror:

What sets Greg apart is his genuine love for the genre. He’s not just a master of his craft; he’s also a devoted fan of horror films. This shared enthusiasm makes him a joy to have around for fans and fellow creators alike.

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