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SpookyDaz Guest Evans City

Please welcome our first guest to The Living Dead Weekend: Evans City, Mr. Richard France. Richard payed Dr. Watts in THE CRAZIES, working on the virus Code Name Trixie research and development, he nearly had the cure, but ended up taking a tumble! Richard also played the role of Dr. Millard Rausch in DAWN OF THE DEAD and wanted to cure the zombie apocalypse by dropping bombs on all the major cities!

Mr. France is a playwright, a scholar, and a narrator. He is a leading authority on the life and work of cinema and theater great, Orson Welles and has written books on his work and lectured around the world on the work of this great man.

Richard will be with us September 27-29 in Evans City and celebrating the films of George A Romero, 
NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and THE CRAZIES, so come out and say hello.

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