Scream Queen GUEST Linnea Quigley MONROEVILLE JULY 2-4 2021 Return of the Living Dead Zombie Horror Convention Living Dead Weekend

Scream Queen Linnea Quigley Return of the Living Dead Stripper Punk Trash joins Living Dead Weekend in Monroeville Mall Zombie Capital

SpookyDaz Guest Monroeville

She likes it Spooky! please welcome our next guest, the one you have been waiting for, Scream Queen Linnea Quigley! Linnea Starred in “Return of the Living Dead” as TRASH, the Hot Punk Stripper, turned naked brain eating zombie! Linnea has been screaming her way through horror movies since 1975, earning her a Screem Queen title with over 150 movies to her name, including “Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers“, “Silent Night, Deadly Night“, “Creepozoids“, “Graduation Day“, “Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama” and the cult classic “Night of the Demons“. Linnea even had her own exercise video “Linnea Quigley’s Horror Workout” where, after a run through the cemetery, she encounters some zombies who follow her home for some pool side aerobics!
This is Linnea’s first time at the Living Dead Weekend, and we are so happy for her to be joining us all three days for our RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD reunion!
It’s the Living Dead Weekend: Monroeville
July 2 – 4 2021 in the Monroeville Mall.