Living Dead Weekend DAY of the Dead DAWN of the Dead GUEST TOM SAVINI MONROEVILLE JULY 2-4 2021

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SpookyDaz Guest Monroeville

Getting our guest announcements started in 2021 for the Living Dead Weekend, Please welcome Master of Horror – Tom Savini. Tom designed and executed many of the outstanding special effects for “DAY OF THE DEAD”, coming up with grizzly ideas like Dr Tongue, and pulling Pvt. Torrez head from his shoulders, and how about the exploding head in the first moments of “DAWN OF THE DEAD”! Tom’s SFX have sent us all into shock again and again, and we loved it! Tom was also the blood thirsty machete-wielding biker “Blades” in “DAWN OF THE DEAD” and has many other acting credits to his name. Tom also directed the fantastic 1990 Remake of George Romero’s “NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD”, and a few “TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE” episodes including “INSIDE THE CLOSET”. Recently Tom directed the episode “BY THE SILVER WATER OF LAKE CHAMPLAIN”, which was the season finale of Shudder’s “CREEPSHOW”! You can also pick up Tom’s newly released official biography book “SAVINI” which is available now. With his practical FX skills and numerous film credits including acting in many film and TV series, Tom has become a legend in the horror business, so come say Hi to Tom, as he will be on hand with us all weekend in the Monroeville Mall for Living Dead Weekend!